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New €10 note will be more durable and harder to fake


 The new €10 note.

The new €10 note.

The new €10 note.

A NEW €10 banknote will be introduced into circulation across Ireland and the European Union in September.

The Central Bank has said that the note was created to be more resistant to counterfeiting and incorporated advances in banknote technology.

Its design is similar to the current €10 note and the bank said that it would be "easily recognisable".

While the new €10 resembles the one first issued in 2002, it has been given a fresh look and has several new security features.

For example, as with the €5 note, it includes a portrait of Europa – a figure from Greek mythology and the origin of the continent's name – in the hologram and watermark.

The notes also include an emerald number, which changes colour from emerald green to deep blue when tilted.

The new note was unveiled at a ceremony in Frankfurt today and follows the introduction of a new €5 note as part of the same series.

"The single currency has helped to bring millions of Europeans together, in all our diversity, and the banknotes and coins are a tangible symbol of our determination to support the European Union," Yves Mersch, ECB executive said.


The €5 and €10 banknotes of the Europa series are more durable as they have a protective coating.

Steps are being taken to support the adaptation of cash-handling machines and authentication devices for the September launch.

Owners of such equipment have been advised to contact their suppliers or manufacturers to get ready for the new €10 note.