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Never knowing when family will see him again is downside of One Direction singer Niall's fame

THE family of One Direction star Niall Horan say the downside of his fame is that they never know when they'll see him again.

Niall's brother Greg said he expects he will know the star is in Ireland only when he appears at the family home in Mullingar.

Greg said the family understand how hectic life in showbusiness is and they're very proud of the hard-working singer.

The 18-year-old tweeted words of thanks yesterday to his fans who erected framed photos and memorabilia in his pad in the UK.

And while Niall has landed across the water after the band's tour in America, his family do not yet know if he'll come to Ireland. "He's home in the UK at the moment," Greg explained.

"Niall could ring when I'm in work, like he did last year. He rang and said 'where are you?' I said, I'm in work. And he said, get down here and open the door for me," he joked.

"No one knows his diary."

Greg, who works as a supervisor in a Spar shop in Mullingar, said he and his family rarely get to speak to Niall while he is touring with the band, citing the time difference with America as a major reason.

Niall's dream has always been to get a number one hit in another country, according to Greg, and since the band cracked America he suspects that ending the tour has been difficult for Niall.

"I can tell from the photos that he's sad that the Up All Night tour is over. When they were starting out they said they wanted a number one in another country, and they got it."