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Never air creche footage again – parents tell RTE

PARENTS of the children featured in last night's Prime Time investigation into standards at creches have asked that the footage never be shown again.

The broadcaster secured the co-operation of several parents whose children attend three facilities filmed in the sting.

The parents, however, insisted that this edition of Prime Time should not be available on the RTE Player and should not be repeated.

RTE was unable to supply preview copies to other media outlets and said it was the "express wish" of the parents that no screengrabs or audio clips relating to the programme were reproduced in any other media outlet.

The programme – A Breach of Trust – was put together by the station's investigations unit and probed mistreatment of children.

Secretly recorded footage was used to expose three creches.

RTE last night said the findings of their investigation had been shared with the creche owners and the broadcaster had offered them the right of reply.

All staff directly involved in the incidents featured in the programme were also offered the right to respond.

It said the production was "undertaken with the cooperation and guidance of childcare experts and the programme team liaised with a childcare expert throughout the production, with regular reports and viewing of the footage".

The findings of the investigation unit were reported by RTE researchers to the HSE and the creche management "in line with expert advice".

The gardai were also given film footage intended for transmission.