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‘Never again’, vow 1-in-8 Trump voters


Trump is losing core support

Trump is losing core support

Trump is losing core support

One in eight who voted for Donald Trump as president said they would not do so again after his volatile first six months in office, a poll has shown.

While most who backed him last November 8 pledged their continued support, the dip among his older,  disaffected, mostly white voters poses a potential challenge.

Republican Trump, who won by the slimmest of margins, needs every last backer behind him to push his agenda through a split Congress and seek a second term in 2020.


The Reuters/Ipsos poll questioned voters who had declared in a previous study which way they voted in last year’s presidential election.

In polls held in May and this month, Reuters/Ipsos asked how many would be prepared to switch their vote. Between July 11 and 12, 12pc said no to Mr Trump if the election were held today.

Seven per cent didn’t know, while 5pc would support

another of the candidates fielded last year or abstain.

However, 88pc said he would get their vote again, a slight improvement on the May figure of 82pc.

Taken together, the polls suggest Mr Trump’s support has improved marginally over the past few months despite the Republican Party’s failures to overhaul health care and congressional and federal inquiries into his campaign’s ties to Russia.

Some critics said, however, that they were tired of his daily trolling of Democrats, the media and the judiciary.

Others were disappointed that his administration has not yet deported illegal immigrants.

“If I had to walk around wearing a T-shirt saying who I voted for, I may have voted differently,” said Beverly Guy (34), a Trump voter. Now Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson would get her vote.

Brian Barnes, however, thought the president was doing all he could.

A total of 1,296 people, 541 of them Trump voters, took part in July and 1,206 (543 pro-Trump) on May 10 to 15.