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Net safety: How victim's friends responded

Ashleigh Hall's friends from school produced a list, known as Ashleigh's Rules, which was given to all schoolchildren in the area earlier this year.

Aymie Nicole Parker (17), one of the students behind the scheme, said: "We all wanted to get involved in doing something for Ashleigh. We want it to make a difference."

Darlington College principal Tim Grant is looking to roll out Ashleigh's Rules across the country.

"Internet safety is now such a hugely important issue that we have ambitions to make Ashleigh's Rules available to head teachers and principals throughout the land," he said.

He added: "Young people who go online can easily fall prey to the devious tricks of predatory paedophiles who, sadly, are all too willing to prey on the naive and vulnerable." Ashleigh's rules

  • If ever meeting up with somebody who is alien to you or your friends, make sure that you meet them in a group of at least two to three, in public and in a well-lit and populated area

  • Inform someone of where you are going, what time you should be back, and also the name of the person you are meeting

  • Don't accept anyone on social networking sites that you don't know

  • Remember, never to trust anyone who you have met online -- you don't know what they are capable of doing

  • Never tell a stranger on network sites or chat rooms anything personal about yourself, such as where you live, or your date of birth

  • Never meet anyone you don't know, simple as!