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Net closes in as fatal-attack car traced

Gardai are closing in on Warren O'Connor killers after identifying the car thought to have been used to ram the former soldier's vehicle after he fled a Donaghmede apartment complex.

Detectives believe that a three-man gang from nearby Coolock are behind the attack during which Warren (24) was chased, rammed, then stabbed in the chest.

Warren, a former soldier of the Defence Forces, from Ferrycarrig Green, in Priorswood, had gone to the apartment complex on the Hole In The Wall Road after being contacted by a friend who was having trouble with party noise coming from a property above.

Warren, his friend, and his friend's pregnant partner and child, later decided to leave the apartment complex by car.


However, their car was followed and rammed three times before Warren was stabbed on the roadway.

Gardai have now identified the owners of the car thought to have been used in the killing, as well as the registered owners of the apartment where the party is thought to have taken place.

The three men in the pursuing car reportedly got out of their vehicle after Warren got out of his following the series of rammings, and one of them is believed to have used a kitchen knife to stab the innocent man.

"These guys are known to gardai, and they are street thugs with no regard for human life," said one source.

One of Warren's friends who had travelled to the apartment with him tried in vain to save his life by attempting to stem the flow of blood from the stab wound with his own shirt.

The knife that was used in the killing is believed to have broken with the force of the attack, leaving part of the blade inside Warren's chest.

It has been forensically examined and the results are believed to be crucial to the outcome of the investigation.


Warren's grieving mother Tina told the Herald how three of Warren's closest friends were with him when he died and struggled to save his life after the attack.

"His mate Richie was with him and he died in his arms.

"He gave one breath and that must have been his last.

"There was no pulse or anything when the ambulance got there, and they got there in three minutes," she told the Herald.

Speaking from the family home in Ferrycarrig Green, Coolock, she added; "Richie took his own shirt off and covered where Warren's blood was coming out with it, and he gave him the kiss of life.

"Warren was looking up into his eyes and he took his last breath then."