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Nephew of 'Monk' who made sex-change claim sent to mental hospital

A NEPHEW of former crime boss The Monk who believed his uncle and father were trying to turn him into a woman has been committed to the Central Mental Hospital (CMH).

Edward Hutch (39) will receive in-patient care for at least the next six months after he was found not guilty by reason of insanity of assaulting a prison officer.

Dublin District Court heard he told doctors he believed his uncle Gerry 'The Monk' Hutch had "put a sex change" into him by paying prison authorities to spike his methadone, food and water.

In his delusional state he also believed his privates were shrinking and he had "breasts like a woman".

The defendant, of Portland Place, Dublin 1, was found not guilty by reason of insanity of assaulting a prison officer at Mountjoy Prison on October 22, 2012.

Two weeks ago, Judge Bryan Smyth remanded Hutch into the care of the CMH for an assessment to be carried out.

When the matter came before the court earlier this week, consultant psychiatrist Dr Helen O'Neill said Hutch continues to suffer schizophrenia, has active symptoms of this illness and his judgment is impaired.

Dr O'Neill said that if Hutch was not admitted to the CMH it would result in a "deterioration in his condition".

She said there was a bed available for Hutch in the CMH. She also said the defendant's case would be reviewed within six months and then every six months after that.


Judge Smyth ordered Hutch be committed. In relation to the assault allegation, Gda David Smith said the prison officer was hit with a mop on the head.

In his evidence at the fitness to plead hearing, consultant forensic psychiatrist Dr Stephen Monks said Hutch told doctors he believed his uncle, The Monk, and his father had organised a sex change for him, and this was being done by spiking his methadone.

Dr Monks said Hutch also believed his privates were shrinking, "spirits had taken over his body" and he was "unsure" if he was a woman, though he had "breasts and a chest like a woman".

The court heard Hutch also believed prison officers had spiked his tea.

Dr Monks said Hutch believed someone was trying to kill him and he was paranoid and "in fear of his uncle".

He also believed that by taking methadone he had had a sex change, and prison food had contributed to this.