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Neighbour spat in woman's face during dispute

A DUBLINER who got into a squabble with a neighbour became so angry that he spat in her face after heated words were exchanged at her front door, a court heard.

David McNulty (44) apologised for his behaviour, which took place during a shouting match at his neighbour's house.

A court heard that the victim wanted to drop the charge against McNulty, saying she wanted to "leave the past in the past", but the DPP had directed the matter should proceed as the gardai saw the assault.

A judge struck out the charge against McNulty after she heard that relations between the neighbours are now considered to be amicable.

Judge Ann Ryan said the incident took place nearly two years ago, there was no ill-feeling between the neighbours and she also believed the matter should be left in the past.

McNulty, of Ballyogan Avenue in Carrickmines, admitted before Dun Laoghaire District Court to a charge of assault.

The incident took place at his neighbour's house at Ballyogan Court, Carrickmines on August 13, 2008.

Garda John Cashman said he was called to the victim's house following a neighbourhood dispute.

He was standing in the victim's kitchen when McNulty, and his young son, knocked on the front door.

Garda Cashman said the victim opened the front door, and McNulty started shouting at her. He then spat in her face.

He was told by gardai to leave the area immediately, and he was later found up the road.


Garda Cashman said there has been no trouble between the parties since this incident.

Defence solicitor Ronnie Lynam said there had been a row between the two neighbours, and the behaviour of them both was less than neighbourly.

Mr Lynam said the victim had wanted to drop the charge against McNulty, and told gardai she wanted to "leave the past in the past".

However, the DPP had directed the matter should proceed.

Judge Ryan struck out the charge against McNulty.