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Neeson answers the Monster's call

LIAM Neeson may have rugged Irish good looks but he has just been picked to play the part of a monster.

The actor will take on a role in major Hollywood drama A Monster Calls.


The 61-year-old will join Felicity Jones, who starred in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, in director Juan Antonio Bayona's next film.

The movie is a big budget silver screen version of the award-winning children's fantasy novel by Patrick Ness.

Antrim native Liam has been lined-up as the male lead in the production as a monster, which is expected to be released in the US in October 2016.

A Monster Calls, set in present day England, tells the story of a young boy and a beast that visits him in his nightmares.

Thirteen-year-old Conor O'Malley attempts to deal with his mother's illness and the bullying of his classmates by escaping into a fantastical world.

The author of the hit book has adapted the screenplay for producers Focus Features.

Father-of-two Liam has been enjoying a career revival over the past few years. He has become accustomed to playing the action hero in front of the cameras stemming from his turn as an ex-CIA agent in the box office hit Taken, and despite his age has taken on several highly physical roles recently, including A-Team, Wrath of the Titans and Battleship.

He is currently shooting the third instalment of the popular thriller Taken stateside.

Liam spent three weeks filming in Los Angeles, but principle photography has now been moved to Atlanta, Georgia.


The actor took time out of his schedule this week to open a special benefit night for friend Steven Spielberg – who he worked with on the 1994 Oscar winning Schindler's List.