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Nearly 45pc worried about being victim of crime - garda survey


Senior garda John Twomey. Photo: Gareth Chaney

Senior garda John Twomey. Photo: Gareth Chaney

Senior garda John Twomey. Photo: Gareth Chaney

Up to 45pc of people worry about being the victim of a crime, the latest survey of the public's attitude toward gardai has found.

Some 34pc of those respondents say their fears have had an impact on their quality of life.

However, the survey also found that the public's perception of gardai has steadily improved, with 81pc saying they are satisfied with their service.

Every quarter, An Garda Siochana commissions a polling company to carry out a public attitude survey.


The third quarter of 2019 shows 96pc of respondents agreed gardai would treat them with respect if they had to contact them.

The majority of respondents, 72pc, consider An Garda Siochana to be a modern and progressive force.

Trust also continues to remain very high at 92pc. However, 18pc perceived crime in their local area as serious or very serious. This has remained relatively static for the past four quarters.

Meanwhile, 79pc thought national crime was serious or very serious.

Worryingly for garda management, the data also shows that among victims of crime, satisfaction with the garda response has dropped substantially from 68pc to 52pc since the last survey.

However, gardai have warned that the data from crime victims should be treated with caution, due to the small sample size. In almost all other areas, perceptions of gardai have marginally improved or remained stable compared with previous surveys.

Some 77pc agreed that they could rely on gardai to be there when they were needed, an increase of 5pc on the second-quarter findings.


"These very welcome results demonstrate the quality of work being done by garda personnel to keep people safe," said Deputy Commissioner for Policing and Security John Twomey.

"It also shows that the public are seeing the benefits of changes being made to the organisation.

"We do though have further improvements to make in a number of areas, including victim support."

The Garda Public Attitudes Survey is conducted by Amarach Research on behalf of An Garda Siochana every quarter with a nationally representative sample of 1,500 people.