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NCT company's profits hit e44m

THE COMPANY behind the National Car Test (NCT) made significant profits of €44m over the past decade.

Swiss-owned group Vicuna -- formerly called the National Car Testing Service -- listed €8.7m in the past year to the end of December 2009.

The company won the contract to operate the Government's national car testing programme in 1999 and a study of its accounts between 1999 and 2009 shows that it generated profits of €44.2m on a turnover of €295.3m.

Last year, Vicuna Ltd enjoyed a 50pc increase in pre-tax profits to €8.7m after revenues increased from €42m to €43.4m.

Within the last year, the company carried out a total of 864,376 tests with a 51pc pass rate.

The main failure items were front suspension, brake lines and tyre conditions. Over the total figure of 404,945 re-tests, there was a pass rate of 90pc.

A total of 518 people were employed by Vicuna Ltd last year.