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Natalia's husband 'told her sister he killed wife after row', jury hears


Rafal Karaczyn has pleaded not guilty to the murder of his wife Natalia Karaczyn

Rafal Karaczyn has pleaded not guilty to the murder of his wife Natalia Karaczyn

Rafal Karaczyn has pleaded not guilty to the murder of his wife Natalia Karaczyn

The sister of mother-of-three Natalia Karaczyn has told a jury how she told her brother-in-law "we forgive you" after he admitted killing her.

Rafal Karaczyn (34), of Crozon Park, Sligo, has pleaded not guilty to the murder of his 30-year-old wife Natalia Karaczyn at their home in Crozon Park between April 29 and May 1, 2018.

Ms Karaczyn's sister Magdalena McMorrow gave evidence at the Central Criminal Court yesterday.

Friends of Ms Karaczyn, Aneta Cieciwa and Regina Zybala, also gave evidence.

Ms McMorrow told the court that she was brought to Ballymote Garda Station on Wednesday, May 2, 2018, a day after Ms Karaczyn's body was found.

She said she was in a room alone with Mr Karaczyn when he said: "I did it, I did it."


The court heard that Mr Karaczyn had previously told her that "Travellers" had come to their house and put a gun to his head and threatened to put a gun to the heads of their three children if he did not leave a back window open to allow them to come into the house.

She said he later told her that he and Ms Karaczyn had had an argument in the early hours of April 29, 2018.

The court has heard that Ms Karaczyn spent time with a man before she returned home from a night out that morning. It also heard Ms Karaczyn and Mr Karaczyn were separated, but were still living in the same house.

Ms McMorrow said he told her that "he grabbed her and strangled her".

She said he told her that he lay down with her on the floor of the room for 10 minutes afterwards, and told her that he put her body in the boot of the car.

Reading from her statement to gardai, Michael Bowman SC, for Mr Karaczyn, put it to Ms McMorrow that she told gardai: "He [Mr Karaczyn] said it was 'my hands'. I said, 'yes, but your mind and body wasn't there'. I told him we forgive him. He said he will never forgive himself."

The barrister put it to Ms McMorrow that she earlier outlined an alleged incident to Bernard Condon SC, for the DPP, which she said Ms Karaczyn told her about, with Mr Karaczyn getting upset and threatening to harm himself.

She confirmed that this was a "single incident" and that, to the best of her knowledge, he never threatened Ms Karaczyn or their children before.

Aneta Cieciwa, a friend of Ms Karaczyn's, told the court that she, Ms Karaczyn and another friend went to the cinema on Saturday, April 28, 2018.

Ms Cieciwa said they went to a bar after the cinema.

She said she stayed until around midnight, adding that Ms Karaczyn and her friend were dancing when she left.

The next morning, Ms Cieciwa said she went to mass and later received messages from Mr Karaczyn, in which he asked if she knew where Ms Karaczyn was as she had not returned home the night before.

Regina Zybala, also a friend of Ms Karaczyn's, told the court that she was not out with Ms Karaczyn that night, but she did receive a photograph from Ms Karaczyn and her friends while they were in the cinema.

This was the last contact she had with Ms Karaczyn, she said.

The court heard that the next day, Ms Zybala received texts from Mr Karaczyn in which he expressed concerns over the whereabouts of his wife.

One said: "Nobody knows anything. I'm getting nervous."

The trial continues before Ms Justice Eileen Creedon.