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Naoise (10) invites Queen for a snack

THERE may be a historic state visit going on across the water, but Buckingham Palace still found time to write to one Irish boy who asked the Queen if she'd meet him in a fast food restaurant in London.

Naoise Barker (10), from Leitir Mor na Coille, Co Galway, wrote directly tothe British monarch last month, inviting her to have a chat at the Chicken Shack in Clapham over Easter on his annual family trip to the UK.

And while her officials had to decline his request, he was delighted when he received an official reply from Buckingham Palace.

Naoise, who has autism spectrum disorder, told the Queen in his letter that he wanted to speak some Irish with her as he had heard her speak a few words of the language during her visit to Ireland.


And he also filled her in about his pet dog, mouse and hamster.

The reply on behalf of the Queen arrived appropriately on World Autism Day.

It thanked Naoise for his letter and added: "Her Majesty thought it was kind of you to tell her about yourself and your home in Connemara, and the Queen was interested to know that you will be visiting England in April.

"Although I'm afraid it will not be possible for you to meet Her Majesty, the Queen hopes that you will have a very happy time."

Naoise and his family are members of the Galway Autism Partnership whose patron is President Michael D Higgins.

The partnership, founded in 2011, supports, assists and identifies the requirements of families living and supporting a person with autism spectrum disorder in the west of Ireland.