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Nadia keeps flaws hidden

NNadia Forde is on the lookout for love, with the message that nobody is perfect.

"Everybody has their imperfections," she says, "and we should embrace them. They're the endearing things you come to love."

There are two problems with this revelation. Firstly, her admissions come from a promotion with a dating website, which means that she was essentially paid to say them. Secondly, if Nadia is so fond of people's flaws, then why does the picture which accompanies her campaign feature her heavily made-up and hair carefully styled? Was the everyday Nadia too "imperfect" for the campaign?

VVicky Dempsey, wife of notorious gangster 'Fat' Freddie Thompson, has been given a two-year suspended jail sentence for her part in an altercation that took place in a pet shop. Vicky was present while her brother and another man assaulted someone in said shop and, when the victim's girlfriend intervened, Vicky pulled her away by the hair, telling her: "Leave him, he is getting what he deserves." This little vignette of underworld life led to Vicky being given a suspended sentence to add to her 12 previous convictions, and suggests that, in order to avoid further trouble, she should keep her distance from animals - and maybe she should also stay away from pet shops.