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Nadia Forde turns to yoga and a vegan-ish diet to stay slim


Nadia Forde

Nadia Forde

Nadia was spotted leaving the same yoga school in Ringsend which is frequented by Hollywood heartthrob Colin Farrell.

Nadia was spotted leaving the same yoga school in Ringsend which is frequented by Hollywood heartthrob Colin Farrell.

nadia 2

nadia 2

Colin Farrell

Colin Farrell


Nadia Forde

She graces the covers of everything from newspapers to lads mags and model turned singer Nadia Forde always makes sure she looks her best, even hitting the gym when she's at home.

Over the weekend the brunette beauty was spotted looking fit in a pair of black gym shorts as she left the Init Yoga school in Ringsend.

It's the same top yoga spot used by actor Colin Farrell when he's in town.

Nadia (25) revealed that she mixes up her exercise regime to keep her looking trim.

"I definitely go to the gym as much as I can. At the moment I'm trying weight training rather than cardio because with work I'm dancing a lot," she told the Herald.


"I do spin classes but it got to the point where my shape wasn't actually changing but I was staying a certain size - I just wasn't toning up that's why I added the weights.

"I think you should be feminine as a woman but you should stay fit so that if I'm doing a 35-minute set in Miami that I can bounce up and down on stage.

"I want to feel confident in what I choose to wear. I like to have my legs out, or do a little bit of cleavage or be covered up - I just want to feel comfortable.

"But I don't go every day - I try to get to the gym four or five times a week," she added.

While other models are very open about their strict diets Nadia says she does her best when it comes to food but she still likes to treat herself.

"My friend Debbie [O'Leary] lives a very healthy, strict life so when I'm with her I go into that mode," she said.

"I might have chicken but I don't eat red meat and at the moment I'm trying to live a vegan-ish life with fish.

"But I was on the Late Late Show last week and afterwards I was in Eddie Rockets having a brownie, some sweet potato fries and an Oreo milkshake.

"It's all about having everything in moderation, life is too short not to treat yourself," she added.

Debbie is set to marry her rugby star fiance Peter Stringer in an intimate ceremony at the end of the month.

While Nadia helped her celebrate her impending nuptials at her hen party a few weeks ago, she won't be a bridesmaid.

"Debbie is my best friend, she's probably my closest friend and she knows everything about me," she revealed.

"We had so much craic [at her hen party]. We made these masks with Stringer's face on them and they got so much attention, it was hilarious.

"I still have one in my house. It's mad, her wedding is going to happen before I know it. There's no bridesmaids or groomsmen, they're doing it small," she added.


Meanwhile, Nadia is currently promoting her new reality series Nadia: Chasing the Dream and admits her lifestyle isn't compatible with meeting someone and getting into a long-term relationship.

"The travel is the best part but also the worst part. When it comes to meeting guys, how do you meet someone and then go, 'I'm going to Ibiza, then Miami and then I'm off to Australia to be in the celebrity jungle?'," she said.

"It takes a strong man to deal with it I think."

She gets a lot of media attention both at home and in the UK but she admits the paparazzi are part of her job.

"It's on a different level over there, they're outside the gym but it's part of the job and you're told that," she said.

"I love going to nice things but I'm a bit of recluse when I'm not working."