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Nadal leads world's praise for new champ

"Right now he's playing at a different level than the rest. He is an inspiration. I admire him a lot."

-- World tennis number one Rafael Nadal (right)

"What a performance from start to finish. Enjoy the win. Well done." -- Tiger Woods

"With the first major victory of his career, McIlroy officially became The Next Tiger Woods. -- ESPN

"Woods was long on ego, charisma and imagination; McIlroy on charm, tenacity and a flowing, high-finish swing" -- The Washington Post

"Rory McIlroy moved through the cheering galleries with a boyish smile and the occasional laugh, a young man playing near-flawless golf and enjoying the walk"

-- New York Times

"This was not a tournament, it was a coronation, with one of the most well-received processions the sport will ever witness"

-- The London Independent