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Mystery of vanishing hot-tub hits Tallafornia

THE stars of new reality show Tallafornia have been left reeling after their ¤10,000 hot-tub was swiped from the west Dublin set.

Bosses at Ballymount broadcaster TV3 are furious after the raid on the house used for the series.

"TV3 kitted the house out with a lot of extras to make it into a kind of party place for the show, and the hot-tub was the main attraction," a source has revealed.

"The guards were called once it was discovered that it was gone -- nothing else was missing and the house was not broken into."


An Irish version of US hit series Jersey Shore, Tallafornia was announced in TV3's autumn line-up and follows the every move of eight budding starlets.

Filming began over the summer, with cast and crew rustling up some Tallaght magic in various spots in the area, including shooting scenes at the Citywest estate.

"The hot-tub just seems to have vanished into thin air," the insider added.

"No one knows how they got it out of the back garden.

"It was an operation that would have taken a few people to carry out and nobody seemed to notice what was going on." A neighbour has said that there has been much excitement over the parties taking place in the house, with a lot of young people turning up for some late-night fun.


The fly-on-the-wall series has promised an array of fake tan, hairspray, buff bodies and romance among the four girls and four guys as they live together for one month in their digs and go about their sometimes scandalous daily lives. Former X Factor hopeful Rebecca Creighton (22) is even tipped to be getting in on the on-camera action.

The singer, in girl group Belle Amie, grew up in Tallaght and rumours are circulating that she is expected to enjoy a guest starring role in one of the telly project's episodes.