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Mystery man hid as pals were shot down

A third man was at the scene of a gangland double murder in Dublin, it has emerged.

The mystery man only escaped with his life by hiding in the toilet.

The third man was in the flat of Paddy Mooney (58), who was shot twice in the head when he opened the door of his flat to masked gunmen.

The assassins then shot Brendan Molyneaux, their intended target.

However, the sister of innocent Mr Mooney has revealed a third man only survived the attack because "he was in the toilet when they burst in".

The Herald understands the man is being traced by gardai and will be interviewed about the shooting.

It is understood the men who carried out the murders believed that Mr Molyneaux had accepted a contract to kill a drugs baron.

Mary (56), said those behind the shooting of her innocent brother Paddy, a dad-of-two, "don't have a heart".

When she heard two masked men had broken into his flat, she banged on the door and told them to come out but they had already gone.

Mr Molyneaux, from York Street, was in Mr Mooney's home at Pearse House on Pearse Street in Dublin 2 when the attack happened at 6.45pm on Sunday.

Innocent Paddy was a handyman who was left partially paralysed by a stroke he suffered 20 years ago.

Mary revealed that her good-hearted brother regularly let homeless men stay in his apartment, adding "nobody could have deserved this less".

She said: "He was never in any kind of trouble at all. We're all in shock here. We just can't think straight.

"A neighbour came and knocked on my door and said that a gang of people were after going into Paddy's flat," she said. "I went over there but at that stage it was too late."


Today, Mr Mooney's sisters said their brother's disability following a stroke many years ago left him with a limp and the use of only one arm. "The people who did this haven't a heart," said Margaret Mooney.

"I just got in from London yesterday after hearing the news. It was a terrible shock to me," she added.

Margaret described Paddy as "a happy-go-lucky man" who was "generous to a fault".

"He was defenceless, the poor man. We hope that the CCTV down there might help the gardai," said Paddy's sister Ann.

A third sister, Mary, lives in a flat opposite where their brother was gunned down.

"Mary and Paddy were very close. She doted on him," said Margaret.

Both sisters said they do not know who the third man in the apartment at the time of the shooting was.

Dublin drugs lord 'the Don' is suspected of ordering the bloody killing spree which left Mr Mooney, Mr Molyneaux and John Paul Joyce dead within days. Joyce's frozen body was found in a ditch near Dublin Airport at the weekend.

The capital's biggest drug dealer is suspected of having ordered the deaths of 13 people in the last three years.

He first came to prominence when he had his gang boss, Martin 'Marlo' Hyland, murdered three years ago alongside innocent plumber Anthony Campbell.

A Garda source described the double murder as "absolutely shocking". He said: "Paddy Mooney was murdered simply because he was in the way."

Gardai hunting the killers were quizzing four people today who were arrested two hours after the attack.

Assistant Commissioner Michael Feehan urged people in the local community who had information to contact gardai, at Pearse Street on 01 6669000.