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'My worst nightmare is my missing sister is locked in some cellar'


Berna and her daughter Ayda make an appeal

Berna and her daughter Ayda make an appeal

Berna and her daughter Ayda make an appeal

The tormented sister of missing Esra Uyrun has vowed to never give up searching for her beloved sibling - even though she has now accepted she is almost certainly no longer alive.

Berna Fidan will return to Dublin tomorrow in yet another daunting bid to solve the mystery surrounding her sister's disappearance nine years ago.

Esra, a 38-year-old married mother-of-one, was last seen leaving her home in Clondalkin, west Dublin, on February 23, 2011.


Heartbroken Berna (54) has since led a tireless campaign, travelling over to Ireland from her London base as often as possible in a desperate effort to get a breakthrough into the baffling case.

However, speaking ahead of the ninth anniversary of Esra's disappearance, mother-of-two Berna admits the best scenario she can now hope for is to find her missing sister's remains.

"It's been nine years now since Esra disappeared, and we are no closer to finding her than we were on day one," she said.

"It's taken its toll on my health, and that of other family members, including my mother who is very ill and is really just hanging on for news of Esra.

"It's now got to a stage where I no longer think I'll find her alive. I've come to accept that, and in many ways I now hope I'm right, because the alternative would be awful. My biggest fear is she was abducted and taken somewhere... and locked up in a basement or cellar, or something like that.

"That's just too horrible to contemplate, but unfortunately it's a possibility. But I just hope that's not the case, because she would have gone insane, and I would hope she wasn't alive if she was in that situation."

Esra's family believes she was abducted at some point between the time she set off from her home, and the discovery of her car in Bray, Co Wicklow, later that morning.

Although the vehicle, a grey Renault Twingo, was captured on CCTV driving toward a car park in the seaside town, efforts to enhance the grainy footage and identify the driver - who the family believes to be Esra's abductor - have been unsuccessful.

However, determined Berna said she refuses to give up hope and will spend her five-day trip to Dublin and Co Wicklow meeting with gardai, putting up posters and giving media interviews.

"I've tried everything at this stage, even mediums and psychics, but there still hasn't been a shred of evidence since the day Esra went missing," she added.

"But I know my sister can't have just disappeared into thin air. Someone knows something and can end this nightmare for me and my family."