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My underground workouts are 
really paying off

I recently started doing these workouts every Monday and Wednesday morning. It sounds totally dodgy - it's called Underground Fitness and I go to meet this guy in a car park on Pottery Road at 7am for a quick session.

He brings all the gear and does circuits, kettle bells, skipping and TRX and because it's so early we usually have the whole car park to ourselves.

It's only for an hour and you feel great afterwards. I'm doing it four weeks now and it feels like it's starting to work.

The RTE schedule launch always creeps up on you and then there's this mad panic about what you're going to wear, getting your hair and make-up done and who you're standing beside in the group shots.

I always forget to stop talking too, so there's always pics of me standing there with my mouth open in every shot.

I went outside the studio and was looking for someone who was bigger than me so I'd look slimmer, but I swear there was no one else.

I ended up standing next to Sorcha Furlong (pictured) from Fair City and she looks amazing, she's been doing TRX. She said she's loves it. I've no idea what weight I am, but my clothes have been looser lately.


I did get a lovely text from Anna Nolan the day after the launch saying that I was looking great and admiring my straight hair.

I think she's away on holidays so the fact that she took the time out to text was lovely.

This week, I bumped into the surgeon that did my bowel surgery, Dr Donal McGuire, and he said: "Blathnaid you look so well". It goes to show that what he did worked in the end and although it seemed to be drastic at the time, I feel blessed now.