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My ten-year-old wins already have designs on following my footsteps - Sonya Lennon


Sonya Lennon

Sonya Lennon

Sonya Lennon

She's a successful fashion designer who has creative talent in spades and Sonya Lennon has revealed bohemian blood clearly runs in the family as her kids are equally as artistic.

The fashionista's long-term partner, David Smith, is a successful graphic designer and Sonya admitted the couple's passion for all things creative has rubbed off on their 10-year-old twins Evie and Finn.

"They're very aesthetically aware and they're definitely artistic," she told the Diary.

"They're only 10 years old and they'll sit down and watch Grand Designs no bother. They love that."

With both she and her other half carving out successful careers for themselves in the design industry, the former Off the Rails presenter, who runs clothing label Lennon Courtney and style site Frock Advisor with Brendan Courtney, said she would be delighted to see the twins follow in their footsteps.

"We love encouraging that because good design is massively important," she said.

Sonya is busier than ever as she juggles running her businesses with motherhood.

As a result of her hectic family and work schedules, the former presenter has put her broadcasting career on the backburner, insisting she has no plans to return to TV screens anytime soon.


"It's not easy but we're in it together as a family, and we make it work," she said.

"With mine and Brendan's label, Lennon Courtney, and our other business Frock Adviser we've been having high growth and they take up most of my time.

"Broadcasting is not at the top of our agenda at the moment.

"There are plenty of times I wish I was lying in a park enjoying the sun, or at home watching a film.

"But I have taken on this for my family. It's for all of us. I have to provide for them," she added.

Despite their busy work lives, Sonya and David are happier than ever after close to 21 years together.

However, Sonya revealed to the Diary last year that the couple won't be walking down the aisle any time soon.

"For me I just don't see the need for it, we have a home and two kids and are very committed to each other," she said.

"I don't know what we'd gain from it. If I had a big lump of cash, I don't think that's what I would spend it on."