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My target is for three weddings from Blind Date

The bosses at TV3 told me that I'd gotten Blind Date when I got back from holidays in Majorca and it is just my dream come true.

They told me they had a secret to tell me and of course everything runs through your head when they say that.

And when my boss told me I'd be presenting Blind Date I nearly flattened him and I gave him about 15 hugs and kisses

I only had to keep it a secret for 72 hours until the TV3 autumn/winter schedule launch but it was the hardest thing ever because I was so excited.

Blind Date is the one show I have always wanted to do and I can't believe I'm finally going to be presenting it.

The brilliant thing is that I can do Blind Date and Late Lunch Live at the same time.

I fancy myself as a bit of a match-maker in real life, so this gig is perfect for me.

So I'm setting myself a target of three weddings to happen as a result of the show.

We're going to start filming in the new year and we're going to be doing about eight shows altogether.

Family What I love about the show is that it's just great family viewing.

I used to watch Cilla Black (pictured) with my mam and my granny - it's a show that can get three generations on a couch which is very special.

It's good clean family viewing and I'm so excited to sit down with my family and watch it.

It's such a successful global format and it's really inoffensive viewing as well so I'm delighted to be presenting it.

It really is my dream job and I'm so delighted that I decided to move to TV3.

It's my home away from home here - it feels like so much longer than a year since I started.