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My son will never get over stabbing

A YOUNG man stabbed in a savage unprovoked attack will never recover psychologically from the incident, his mother has said.

Karl Kane (19) from Ballybrack, South Co Dublin, was knifed and another man, Luke Phoenix (20), was also stabbed in the brutal assault.

Luke was set upon by a mob of youths and when Karl went to help, he was injured as well in the February 19 incident.

It is believed the attackers, who had spilled out of a house party, had been taking a drug known as bubble, a variant of the head shop drug mephedrone.

Karl's widowed mother Jane told the Herald her son still "looks terrible".

"He's very yellowy and he can't walk right because he was stabbed in the lung and the bowel," she said.


"He hasn't got over it. I have to bring him to a psychologist," said Mrs Kane, adding that Karl has learning difficulties.

She said her son was attacked after he went to help Luke, who had been "jumped on" by a group of youths coming out of a house party.

Karl and another friend had been walking two girls to a bus stop in Ballybrack at the time.

Karl was taken to St Vincent's Hospital where he underwent almost five hours of surgery.

Gardai have questioned a 16-year-old youth from a well-to-do part of south Dublin about the Saturday night attack.

It is understood no charges are yet pending.