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My son was kidnapped and callous rumours about his suicide won't help find him

THE mother of missing Dublin man Ciaran Noonan says she "felt sick" at wild speculation that he could have killed himself after he was abducted from a Dublin street.

Dad of one Ciaran (29) has been missing without a trace since he was beaten and bundled into the back of a car in East Wall on October 20th.

But speculation that Ciaran could have stabbed himself in the heart rather than face being murdered has been described as "callous and hurtful" by his anxious mother Geraldine.

"No, there is no way he would do it. They only people that know exactly what happened are those who were there, and for me to have to read this made me sick," said Geraldine who is facing a third week of agonising over her son's whereabouts.

Gardai have also dismissed the bizarre claims.

"There is absolutely no truth to that report and it has caused a lot of distress to the victim's family," said a senior source.

He was taken in broad daylight and hasn't been seen since.

The black VW Golf was subsequently found in the underground car park of a block of apartments in Ashbourne.

Ciaran's blood was found on the back seats.


Gardai are investigating if Ciaran was taken by a group of men he owed money to due to his drug addiction that has plagued his life.

They fear he has been murdered, possibly after the beating he received got out of hand, and his body concealed somewhere.

Gardai are painstakingly combing the VW Golf for evidence, and are continuing to search for the owner of the car, who has not been seen since it was used in the abduction.

They are also continuing their investigations into the possible whereabouts of Ciaran himself.

"I know the gardai are doing their best. I know they are doing everything they can," said Geraldine.

"I just want my boy home. If they had any compassion they would tell me where he is," she added.

"I've suffered with my nerves for the last 22 years, and now I don't know if I'll get through another day.

I say it to myself every day," Geraldine explained.

"I feel lost and lonely and empty. That's the only way I can describe it," she added.

A Coolock-based thug in his 20's is believed to have played a key role in attacking and bundling Ciaran into the back of the car before he was driven away.

The man's identity cannot be revealed for legal reasons but he was arrested by gardai investigating the murder of tragic Donna Cleary (22) who was shot dead at a house party in March 2005.

The Coolock suspect was present on the night that Donna was murdered and is understood to have known her.


The man is not suspected of firing the gun that killed Donna.

The suspect has since become a close associate of a notorious Swords-based drugs boss who sources believe ordered the abduction of Ciaran Noonan.

Neither criminal has been arrested by gardai.

The Swords-based crime boss -- who is also originally from Coolock -- is a convicted killer who has also served a lengthy jail sentence for drug dealing.

It is understood that Mr Noonan owed this dangerous crimelord a €20,000 drugs debt.