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My son isn't robber, says mum of man rescued from pit-bull attack

The mother of a man who was saved from a raging pit-bull terrier by gardai investigating a cash-in-transit robbery has said her son was not involved in the crime.

Gardai had to use pepper spray to subdue the dog, which continued to bite at the man in the back garden of a property at Virginia Drive in Finglas on Tuesday evening.

A cash box containing €50,000 -- which was stolen outside the Superquinn supermarket at McKee Avenue in the suburb -- was found just yards from where the 41-year-old man was attacked by the dog.

Sources said that gardai are investigating if the man had some involvement in the robbery -- but his mother insists he was not involved.

When the Herald called to her Finglas home she denied that her son had been involved in a robbery, and said he had climbed into the garden to try and make his way down to the back of his own home because he was locked out.

"He's okay, there was damage done but not major. We were at a funeral and he couldn't get in, so he got over the wall of the corner house," she said.

The woman said her son is 15 years "on the straight and narrow".

When asked about the robbery, the suspect's mother said: "He wasn't involved in that, not at all."

"He wasn't involved in that, it's just that the police were in the area. No, he wasn't involved in that. Not that we know of anyway," she added.


"The neighbours thought it was hilarious when they heard that, because it must be 15 years since he's done anything," said the mother.

The dog's owner was not at home when the Herald called, but it is understood the dog that bit the man was taken away on the day of the attack.

Just minutes before the pit- bull attack, a security worker was walking to an ATM when an unarmed man in a balaclava approached the employee and simply grabbed the cash box from him before fleeing on foot with the box.

It is understood the raider then jumped into a getaway car that was waiting nearby, but quickly got out of that vehicle.

Gardai are investigating if a number of people were involved in the botched raid, including a woman. No arrests have been made and all the stolen cash was recovered.

It is expected that the man who was attacked by the dog will be questioned by gardai when he is discharged from hospital.