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my second-hand clothes are worth every penny - dawn

Pregnant Dawn O'Porter has hit back at critics giving out about the price of her vintage line.

"Vintage doesn't mean cheap," said the 35-year-old presenter who created BOB Vintage.

Dawn, who is married to Roscommon actor Chris O'Dowd, said she wanted to address the issue because she keeps seeing people getting "shirty" with herself and various other vintage retailers on Twitter because of the prices.

"Like any other kind of shopping, there are cheap pieces, mid priced pieces and very expensive pieces," she said.

Dawn said that at BOB, she sources most of the stock in Los Angeles.

"When I've found it the first thing I do it is get it cleaned. It then gets shipped to the UK and any damage is fixed," she explained.

"Sometimes this is as little as replacing a button, other times it's replacing an entire lining.

"It then has to be photographed.

"So quite a lot is spent on the dress at outlets like BOB before it even makes it to the website and shop.

"Thus, some prices being higher than people would like, but it's nothing you wouldn't have to spend yourself if you found the dress in its original state.

"And then of course, the shop has to make some profit, which is fair enough," she added.


"If you can't afford the prices at one store, go to a store you can afford. There are plenty of options for all budgets in the vintage world."

Meanwhile, hubbie Chris said the couple are looking forward to their first Christmas in California. "Dawn can no longer travel so this is the first year we'll be away from our families.

"Dawn will be ready to pop so it will be very chilled out," the Moone Boy star said.