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'My parents have gone home in pain, they will only return for justice'

The parents of murdered Romanian girl Marioara Rostas have vowed not to return to Ireland unless they can see justice for their daughter.

Her father Dumitru (49) and mother Marioara (50) have flown back to Romania after convicted criminal Alan Wilson (35) was cleared of her murder.

The Roma teenager was begging with her younger brother when she was invited into the car with strange men on the promise of clothes and food in January 2008.

Her family never saw her alive again.

The young woman (18) was held captive for several days before being assaulted, shot four times and dumped in the mountains.


Her mummified remains were found in a shallow grave wrapped in bin liners in 2012, four years after she vanished.

"We go home in pain," said Dumitru as he left Dublin.

Marioara's younger brother Dumitru jnr (21), who was the last person to see his sister alive as he was begging with her in Dublin on the day she vanished, said his parents are "aching for justice".

"My mother says she is not coming back to Ireland. It is too difficult," he said.

"They are still hoping for justice. That's the only reason they will come back to Ireland," he added.

"They are very sad, their hearts ache," Dumitru said.

Questions about Marioara's violent death remain unanswered following Alan Wilson's acquittal.

Wilson (35) was cleared of her murder following a six-week trial in which a former friend claimed to have helped him bury Marioara's body after she was shot dead.

Fergus O'Hanlon (37), a convicted criminal, maintained he returned home to find Marioara dead in his bedroom and Wilson with a gun in his hand.

He made detailed allegations of helping Wilson strip her to her underwear and wrap her in plastic before bringing her body to the Dublin Mountains where it was buried in a shallow grave.

Prosecutors accepted that nearly their entire case relied on O'Hanlon's testimony.

However, the defence maintained he was a "compulsive liar" and trial judge Mr Justice Patrick McCarthy warned against convicting Wilson based on his uncorroborated evidence.


The 10 men and two women of the jury unanimously found Wilson not guilty.

Wilson (35), of New Street Gardens, Dublin 8, denied murdering Marioara at Brabazon Street, The Coombe, between January 7 and 8, 2008.

Despite being cleared of the gruesome murder, notorious criminal Wilson remains in prison serving out a seven-year sentence imposed for his role in a meat cleaver attack.

Wilson's sentence relates to an incident in which he attacked a man with after breaking into his home at 
Dromheath Drive, Blanchardstown in June 2009.