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My mum wants me to play golf but I'm going back to Everest, reveals Irish Nepal quake survivor


Paul Greenan

Paul Greenan

Base Camp

Base Camp


Paul Greenan

Dublin adventurer Paul Greenan hopes he will be third time lucky in his quest to scale Mount Everest - but his family hope he'll take up a 'safer' hobby after he was injured in the recent avalanche.

Paul (38) was at Base Camp when the avalanche of snow and rocks, triggered by the Nepal earthquake, pummelled the climbers just over a week ago, killing 17 of them.

The hire company director is trying to scale the world's seven highest summits and had travelled to Everest last year for the first time but had to abandon his plans after an avalanche that killed 16 Sherpas.

Now back in his native Shankill he has described how despite a broken pelvis, ribs and hand, a punctured lung and bruising to his kidneys and spleen, he will try the journey again next year.

"There were nine climbers on my team and seven had been there for the disaster last year and came back this year, and will be back next year," Paul said.

"I wouldn't be happy with myself until I got to the top. This is a natural disaster, it could have happened anywhere," he added.

Naturally Paul's family has their own opinions on his adventures, and his poor mother would prefer if he took up a different hobby.


"She wasn't happy with me going on this trip, she kept asking me to take up golf as a hobby," he said.

"But this is a bit of a freak. I know lots of people who climbed Everest nine or 10 times without being injured."

Paul told the Sean O'Rourke show on RTE radio that the snow was like a "tidal wave". It is only now that the scale of the disaster is sinking-in.

"This is the first (time) that I've been on my own since this happened. Once you get some time to yourself to mull it over and think about it things might settle into place," he said.