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'My mam looks after the money ... my kids matter more' - Duff


Damien Duff (SPORTSFILE)

Damien Duff (SPORTSFILE)

Damien Duff (SPORTSFILE)

He was a leader on the pitch, but when it comes to his finances Damien Duff has revealed that his mother takes charge.

Despite being one of Ireland's most sought-after players and enjoying big pay packets during his career, Duff said he had no interest in his bank balance.

"I've never been big on the money thing - my mam still looks after it," the former Chelsea star (inset) said.

"I'm still on pocket money from my mam. I just have a card and go and take my money out of the wall - I let her deal with everything.

"I'm not stupid when it comes to that (money), but I'm not interested. Maybe because I have earned quite a lot. But I have my cards, I go and do the shopping - and that's it."

The Dubliner admitted that he was financially "comfortable", but said he was more concerned with ensuring his children's health and happiness.

The dad-of-two endured a scare after his son Woody (5) was diagnosed with a congenital heart condition that required surgery when he was just six months old.

"Football is a well-paid sport, so I'm lucky that way - but it doesn't necessarily bring happiness," he told the Ray D'Arcy show on RTE Radio 1

"I know I have been lucky to earn an awful lot of money, but after what went on with Woody, I just want himself and Darcy to be happy and healthy."


He donated all of his wages during his 18-month spell with Shamrock Rovers to Temple Street Hospital and Heart Children Ireland. While he has yet to decide what's next, the Ballyboden man said being a stay-at-home dad was "amazing".

"I never really had the chance to do it, so it's great to get time with them now, but they're probably sick of me already," he said.