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'My little girl could've been killed in shotgun feud attack', says mum


Slain Hamid Sanambar

Slain Hamid Sanambar

Slain Hamid Sanambar

A young mum said her two-year-old daughter was seconds from death after a shotgun attack at her Longford home last week.

The woman said she is now terrified the attackers will be back after the drive-by shooting by criminals targeting her partner's family.

On Saturday, the Herald revealed the little girl was lucky to escape with her life when shots were blasted into a front door as she played in the hallway of a property in Longford last Wednesday night.

It is the latest incident in a bitter feud in the county that senior officers believe has the potential to develop into gangland warfare to rival even the murderous Drogheda feud.

The series of gun attacks have left members of the family frightened for their lives and afraid of even travelling to the local shops.

The gun attack at the Annaly Gardens estate on Wednesday night in which the toddler was almost killed, is one of four firearm and bomb attacks - all believed to be linked - to happen in the space of just 10 days in the troubled county.


The traumatised parents fear the little girl could easily have been killed in the latest attack.

"I was sitting there at the window when the shots came flying through," the girl's mother told the Sunday World.

"She was only after leaving from being behind the door. If it had been 10 seconds later, the child could have been killed.

"They would have seen me sitting here at the window, the light and all was on and the child was only there," she added, pointing to the hall.

"If they shot through the window they could have hit either one of us.

"She was in and out of the hall playing with her toys there next to the stairs."

The girl's father said: "She was only in about 20 seconds in the sitting room, I was taking off her shoes when two shots came through.

"I just threw myself on the ground."

He said that the attack happened at about 8.30pm, just after the family had returned from being at the shops in Longford town.

"We're terrified, our lives are under threat," a family member said.

The campaign has also continued on social media, with posts gloating about the attacks and threats to carry out more.

The family believes the attacks will continue until the crime clan is stopped by gardai.

The drug-dealing mob suspected of being behind the attack is known for its intimidatory tactics and previously used slain mob figure Hamid Sanambar as an enforcer.

Members of the gang are suspected of being involved in extortion, prostitution and drug dealing, according to Sunday World sources.