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My kids may be true blues - but forget Hill 16, I'll be singing 'The Hills of Donegal'

When I think of Donegal winning on Sunday, I think of my kids sad faces...and then I smile.

After all, they are young, and they will get over it.

And what's a few sad faces compared to the joy of seeing Donegal winning and taking their place in an All-Ireland final.

The Dubs have Bernard Brogan, but we have star-player Karl Lacey, and it is surely Donegal's moment now to shine.

Forget Hill 16. It's the hills of Donegal which will be singing this weekend.

A win over Dublin would be nearly as good as winning the All-Ireland, because they are the team to beat this year.

'Jimmy's winning matches' as the infamous song goes, and the fans couldn't be more delighted. Well, one set at least.

I was at the last All-Ireland final win in 2012, and I can't wait for that win to be replicated, as I keep my fingers crossed for them to pass to the final round.

This Sunday, I'll have my huge Donegal flag hanging from my house on the Malahide Road. I am hoping the Donegal team will see it flying high on their way to Croke Park, and know there is an island of Donegal support in a sea of blue.

Don't get me wrong, my kids love visiting their granny Tina and grandad Hugh in Donegal town for their holidays but, when it comes to who they support, Jamie (9) and Joel (7) are true blues. They are Dubs to the core, and their sister Ava (3) isn't far behind them.

The boys play football and hurling with a local club and my husband Aidan brings them to matches to cheer on the side, so their loyalty to their birthplace is to be expected.

The Dubs are an elite squad. After Donegal beat Armagh earlier this month, I stayed behind in Croke Park to watch Dublin hammering the Monaghan side, and they are some sight to behold.

Dublin are the favourites for a reason. But if any team can beat them, Donegal is the team that can.

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