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My husband was saved by hero gardai

A DUBLIN woman has revealed how she believed her husband was on the verge of dying in her arms but for the "heroic" efforts of two gardai.

Helen Lewis (56) from Walkinstown, Co Dublin, has endured a constant struggle in caring for her husband Joe (59) over the past four years.

Joe suffers from a lung disease known as emphysema and has also contracted a hernia that has been deemed inoperable.

But on Saturday, Helen experienced the "greatest scare" of her life when her husband took a turn for the worse.

She told the Herald: "Joe became extremely weak and began haemorrhaging through his nose. I immediately said 'let's go to the hospital' but he was soon suffering from delirium and refused to allow me to call an ambulance."

Helen struggled to help Joe on to the main road close to their home where they intended to flag down a passing taxi.

Minutes passed and Joe's condition continued to worsen, with his wife at this point fearing the worst.


"I looked at Joe in the eye and I could see how much pain he was in. I really feared I would lose him and I knew we just had to get him to a hospital. Then he collapsed, it was one of the worst feelings I've ever had in my life," she said.

"The thought that you are about to lose your husband on the side of a road - it's indescribable. The whole ordeal was a nightmare," she added.

Speaking from her home in Greenhills, Helen told the Herald that the "quick thinking" of two officers from Crumlin Garda Station saved Joe's life.

"I screamed for help and the two officers, James and Darragh, rushed over and immediately carried Joe into the back of their patrol car. They were like guardian angels and not once did they let me think my husband was going to pass away."

Joe was thankfully stabilised in Tallaght Hospital. Helen said she will never forget the actions of the two officers, as well as the care by Joe's doctors.

"These two gardai are unsung heroes. I will never forget what they did and Joe may not be alive today if wasn't for their bravery, professionalism and kindness."