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My husband killed Noor, says Scissors Sisters' mum

SCISSORS sisters mother Kathleen Mulhall has claimed there wasn't a cushion out of place in the house where Farah Swaleh Noor's body is thought to have been chopped up.

Speaking about the killing that shocked the nation in 2005, Mulhall maintained that her daughters Charlotte and Linda were not involved.

She was released from prison in October this year after serving a five-year sentence for impeding the investigation into the circumstances surrounding Mr Noor's death.

Since her release, she said she "can't walk down the street without people pointing" at her



"Every time I walk out the door someone stares at me ... I get angry, yet I keep it to myself."

Contrary to reports that her daughters are not talking to her, Mulhall says she visits them in jail every week because she is "proud to be their mam".

She said she does not know where Mr Noor's head is but she "wished she did".

The 55-year-old took the unusual step of phoning The Adrian Kennedy Phone Show on FM104 to defend her daughters saying they "would not have it in them" to kill someone.

Charlotte is serving life for murder, while Linda was convicted of manslaughter.

"I go to see them every week. I can't wait to see them," said Mulhall. "Linda doesn't tell lies and Charlotte doesn't tell lies. Until the day I die I'll believe that they didn't do something wrong.

"All they did was cover up something their dad done. I put up with everything that he put me through for 25 years."

She said she was not home on the night of Mr Noor's murder and that when she returned it looked like a "cushion wasn't out of place".

"I never spoke about it (with her daughters). I don't believe Linda and Charlotte could do anything like that."

Arguing that her husband John, who hanged himself, was involved in the brutal killing, Mulhall argued that her daughters should face a retrial.

She explained that she left the house on the night of the murder because Mr Noor broke her fingers with a hurley stick.

Mulhall said she can't fully recall that night, adding that her daughters are "hiding a dark secret" over what she believes was their father John's involvement in the murder.

Mr Noor's body parts were dumped in the Royal Canal and later recovered by gardai. However, the victim's penis and head have never been found.

Kathleen Mulhall spent a number of years on the run after her daughters were arrested. She was eventually returned to Ireland to face charges in 2008.