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My heart will always belong to Donegal

I'm from Letterkenny in Donegal and although I haven't lived there since I went to college when I was 17, to me it will always be home.

In the last few years, because I had lectures in uinversity at the weekend, I haven't been able to get home as much as I would have liked to, but hopefully now that I'm all finished up I'll get more of a chance to get back.

My friends from school are still my best friends, and many of them have moved back to Donegal in recent years because they've gotten married and started families.

Also, my family are all there so I make an effort to get back there as often as I can.

Last weekend, I was home for my sister Laura's wedding - it was very special.

She's the first girl in our house and the first girl out of our cousins to get married so it was a lovely occasion.

I was a bridesmaid and while there was a bit of running around in the run up to the day, it was a beautiful wedding.

The Voice on song again

Following four successful series, The Voice of Ireland looks set to return for another season.

RTE has announced they've started their search for talent and have appealed to rising musical stars to apply for auditions, which start this autumn.

You can apply for the chance to sing for a coveted spot on the show and to perform to the four judges - last year featuring Rachel Stevens - visit www.thevoice.rte.ie. With your application, you can send a MP3 file or YouTube clip.

Riverdance hopefuls

Close to 300 students from all over the world have arrived on Irish shores to take part in the Riverdance Trinity College Dublin International Summer School.

Hundreds have travelled to the capital to learn from real life Riverdance professionals at The Lir, Ireland's National Academy of Dramatic Art.

The show also recently returned home to Dublin, during this its 20th Anniversary year to perform.