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my gp was crucial in my recovery from cancer

It leaves you susceptible to every bug going and can take years to regain your health.

As I recover from breast cancer, there were, and still are, many times I've had to visit my GP. This could have been for anything from temperature spikes to mouth ulcers. Others I know suffered from, among other things, headaches, rashes, insomnia and fatigue. As time went by there were other issues we had to face. What is that pain in my back? Is that another lump in my breast? For many women, there are mental health issues such as panic attacks or depression.

A visit to our family doctor sorts many of these issues out. Up to now, GPs were providing this service free to women on medical cards. Take that service away and the recovering breast cancer patient will be asked to pay an average of €70 for each GP visit.

I am not a medical card holder but I am acutely aware how important it is for my physical and mental health that money should not be a deciding factor on whether I visit my GP. It has to be the same for everyone.