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'My friends told me about dodgy Weinstein' - Amanda


TV presenter Amanda Byram

TV presenter Amanda Byram

TV presenter Amanda Byram

Amanda Byram has said she was not surprised by the allegations of sexual assault against Hollywood film producer Harvey Weinstein, as some of her friends had "unpleasant dealings" with him.

The TV presenter (44) splits her time between London and Los Angeles, and although she has never met the movie boss, she is glad women have felt comfortable enough to speak out.


"It's crazy. I've never had anything like that. People have been talking about the casting couc h for years, so it's no surprise," she said.

"It's not a shocker. The shocking thing is how many women are now able to talk about it, which is fantastic.

"I've never met him, but I have a couple of friends who have met him and said he was a little bit on the dodgy side, so I always had a sense that he's probably not the greatest gentleman in the world."

The Castleknock woman described Weinstein as a bully and hopes women will continue to feel comfortable speaking out about assault.

"He's just a big bully. The fact that it's now out means women aren't going to be afraid to talk about that stuff," she said.

Amanda was speaking at the launch of her new activewear collection, Body By Byram.

After working on it for the past two years, she said she was hoping to take it global one day.

"That's the next move, I think. It's definitely on the cards," she said.

Amanda is planning to commute back and forth between Dublin and London for the second series of Dancing With The Stars, which kicks-off in January.

She and husband Julian Okines have spoken about moving to Dublin in the future.

"There are moments when we talk about it. I suffer from wanderlust, I find it very hard to be in one place for a long time," she said.

"I love to travel a lot. Never say never."