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'My dead son is watching over me,' says mum who escaped two big accidents

A DUBLIN mum is lucky to be alive after two accidents which saw vehicles smash into her home.

Linda Dowling had just got out of bed to answer the phone when a truck with a skip smashed into her bedroom six years ago.

And last weekend, a taxi destroyed the wall surrounding her home and only missed her room by a few inches.

"I couldn't believe that it happened again. I was sleeping, it was around 1am on Saturday morning when the car drove into the wall," she said.

And the mum of four has thanked her deceased son for watching over her during the two crashes.

"I must have seven lives like a cat or someone out there is minding me -- I think it's my son Darren," she told the Herald.

Darren was born with an extremely rare and incurable disease called Kearns Sayre syndrome, a neuromuscular disorder which usually causes blindness, deafness, diabetes, and can also cause cardiac problems.

"We didn't know for years what was wrong with him, we thought he had leukaemia and eventually we found out about the syndrome after a number of bone marrow biopsies," Linda, who is a special needs assistant, explained.

"He had everything wrong -- the full house -- he died when he was 16 years old."

Darren required a wheelchair to get around and so an extension was built on the ground floor to cater for his needs. This was the room that was shattered in the first crash.


"It happened a year and a half after Darren had died. I was sleeping in bed when the phone rang.

"I got up to answer the call, I got as far as the kitchen and there was nobody on the line -- it was a private number.

"And all of a sudden, a skip went right through the room I had been in, from outside," Linda recalled.

"It was like my son had been watching over me and said, 'Get up ma, something is going to happen'."

Despite her recent bad luck, Linda insisted she had no intention of leaving her home, near Connolly Station in Dublin city centre.

"This house is jinxed, especially that extension, but I love it. It's been my family home since I was 18 years old," she said. "[Last Saturday] I could hear my neighbours saying 'she's very unfortunate with that house' but my son Stephen (25) was laughing."

"The next time I'll be dead," she joked.

"It took two years to get the bedroom fixed after the crash and I didn't want my bed there.

"But it's fine, as I keep on saying -- there is someone watching over me."