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My dad's killers' laugh and sneer at us in the street


David Darcy (right) and his son David jnr (left)

David Darcy (right) and his son David jnr (left)

David Darcy (right) and his son David jnr (left)

THE son of an innocent delivery driver shot dead by a dissident republican hitwoman has revealed that the people responsible for the killing are sniggering at the family on the street.

David Darcy Snr (39) was shot dead by Rose Lynch (52) while sitting in a van outside his Ballyfermot home in November 2011.

Now three years later his son David Darcy Jnr (24) has revealed how those responsible for ordering the killing are still walking the streets.

"My father was a good and innocent man who was killed for absolutely no reason," he said.


"There are people around Ballyfermot who marked him out and they are now walking past us, his family, on the street, sniggering and smiling at us," he added.

"They know what they did and they can still look at us and snigger and smirk."

Gardai say David Darcy Snr was murdered after he was wrongly identified as being involved in the killing of dissident republican Liam Kenny (53) in June 2011.

At the trial of murderer Rose Lynch a senior detective said any suggestion that Darcy had involvement in the killing was "pure lies" and that Lynch was acting on flawed intelligence.

The female assassin confessed to gardai that she had "emptied a handgun" during the murder of David.

Lynch is now serving a life sentence after pleading guilty to the murder.

"She came up the passenger side and used the gun on my dad. Altogether she fired three or four shots. That woman broke our family's hearts that morning," Dave Darcy said in an interview with the Irish Daily Star.

"My mother was in the house at the time, she will never get over this," he added.

Darcy Jnr said he would gladly name those he believes to have ordered his dad's killing - and that he has had run-ins with them since.

"I would gladly stand in front of a crowd of 10,000 people and name them. I am not afraid of them and I had run-ins with them since," he said.

As she sentenced Lynch to life in prison in April 2013, Ms Justice Elizabeth Dunne noted that Lynch has not offered "any single expression of remorse".

Lynch had boasted to gardai that she was a "true volunteer" of the IRA and was "on active service when we murdered David Darcy".

The court was told how Mr Darcy was "wholly blameless". Ms Justice Dunne said it was "crystal clear" he was an ordinary man going about his business.


Lynch grew up in a republican household in Ballinacurra Weston in Limerick city. Her father Joe (72) is involved in Republican Sinn Fein.

Speaking after his daughter pleaded guilty, he said he was the "proudest man".

"She is a very strong woman and she brings her strength from her commitment to the republican movement," he had added.

Anyone with information on the crime are asked to call Ballyfermot Garda Station on 01 666 7200 or the Garda Confidential line on 1800 666 111.