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My class were Wilde about Colin - Olivia

Irish-American actress Olivia Wilde has admitted that Colin Farrell was "like a god" to her class at the Gaiety School of Acting.

The star said the Castleknock native was someone they all looked up to.

"I know it sounds funny, but Colin Farrell was seriously like God to my whole class," she said.

"We had a photo of him in the studio and there were pictures of him all over the school.

"He was God to us students because he'd made it in America.

"And I remember when I met him a few years later, he was so kind of amazed by that fact. I think it unsettled him."

The Rush actress (30) also revealed she has a crush on Liam Neeson, who she stars with in new film The Third Person.

"How could you not have a crush on Liam Neeson? He's extraordinary and kind and generous," she said.

"He's just a big friendly giant. He's just one of those people that anyone who comes into contact with him finds themselves a little disarmed."

Olivia is teaming up soon with Cillian Murphy in new thriller Free Fire.

Set in Boston in the 1970s, the drama chronicles an arms deal that goes wrong and turns into a shootout.