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'My children will have phones over my dead body,' says Lucy


Presenter Lucy Kennedy

Presenter Lucy Kennedy

Presenter Lucy Kennedy


Broadcaster Lucy Kennedy has said that "over my dead body" will her kids have mobile phones.

She said her eldest son Jack is turning 11 next month and she is trying to persuade him to get a basketball hoop for his birthday.

When asked if her children have phones or are on social media, she said: "No, absolutely over my dead body.

"My son Jack is turning 11 next month and I'm encouraging him to get a basketball hoop.

"I just think they're going to have phones in their hands for long enough. Why hurry the process?"

Lucy has three children, Jack (10), Holly (8) and Jessica (3) with her husband Richard Governey.

She said she wants to wrap all of her kids in cotton wool to keep them "safe forever".


"I'm begging them all at the moment to consider living in a shed in the bottom of our garden for the rest of their lives. They're babies, you know," she said.

"I do want to wrap them up in cotton wool and I want to keep them safe forever."

She was speaking ahead of tonight's Lodging with Lucy episode, where Love Island winner Greg O'Shea opened up about abuse he received when he split from Amber.

Lucy said she worries about her own children and social media.

"For young people, I worry about them, I worry about my own kids, you know. What sort of world do they live in?"

She said she wonders of the impact social media will have on their lives.

"I do look around and think, God, what will life be like for you in six years?"

But she jokingly added she has no idea yet if she would be happy for Jack to go on Love Island when he grows up.

"The truth is right now I'm looking at Spider-man pyjamas, I can't see him as a man," she said.