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'My child is in the house by herself' - locals in fear as estate rocked by horror shooting


A forensics officer removes a bullet casing from the scene

A forensics officer removes a bullet casing from the scene

A forensics officer removes a bullet casing from the scene

Residents of the quiet north Dublin estate of Dun Emer were greeted with the shocking sight of armed gardai and emergency personnel responding to the capital's latest gangland shooting yesterday.

Children had been playing in the large estate, made up of a few hundred houses, when the callous shooting took place.

One concerned mother asked the permission of a garda cordoning off the scene to access her home.

Her child had been in a nearby house when the gunman approached Christopher 'Christy' Maguire before firing several shots into his body.

"My child is in the house by herself, can I please get her out?" she said.

One local woman - who did not wish to be named - explained how she saw a man acting suspiciously in a Volkswagen Golf car just before the shooting.

Children, accompanied by their parents, looked on in disbelief as the victim was lifted into an ambulance before being escorted to Beamount Hospital by a garda car of armed detectives.

"The city is gone to the dogs," said one man.


"I didn't even hear any shots at all, and I would have. I only came out when I saw the flashing lights. I don't know the people living in that house."

Another explained how he had gone on a recent trip with the victim, having exclaimed in disbelief: "I know him".

"We went on a trip together with a few other lads a while back. He's a good guy, he's into his own thing though," said the man.

A bloodied jacket and towel, along with trousers that had been cut off by paramedics tending to the victim lay on the road beside where Mr Maguire (38) had been shot.

Bullet casings were also clearly visible, while shattered glass from the Volkswagen Passat Maguire was sitting in was also sprayed across the tarmac.

One mother said it was "lucky" that none of the kids playing outside were caught up in the attempted gangland hit.


CCTV footage is being obtained from a number of properties in the area which gardai believe may have captured the hitman's getaway.

Despite being a quiet estate largely housing families, the area was previously the scene of a terrifying tiger-kidnap ordeal. On the morning of September 11, 2009, Antoinette Clarke - an official with Bank of Ireland - was abducted from her home in the Dun Emer estate.

While the gang held her partner hostage, the bank employee was forced to go to her branch in Coolock and withdraw €130,000, which the gang eventually made off with.