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'My brother is the one who wants fame', says Nathan


Nathan Carter

Nathan Carter

Nathan Carter

He may have legions of female fans swooning over his every move but Nathan Carter has admitted it is his younger brother Jake who is hungry for the limelight.

The country crooner (26) is gearing up to host his chat show The Nathan Carter Show on RTE but he insisted it is really his brother who wants to be in front of the camera.

"He's more into the fame aspect than I am. I love music and that's the reason I got into it but he loves the attention.

"I just like singing and performing, mostly," he said.


Jake (18) hopes to follow in his brother's footsteps and become a professional singer himself.

Nathan revealed he finds it odd that people are interested in the more personal details of his life but also recognises it is the price for a career on stage. "I've always found that a bit strange because it's really weird. People think I'm famous but you don't see that yourself," he said.

"I find it strange that people want to know what I'm up to. I'm just a normal person and do the same stuff as everyone else. But that's what you get if you want to be on the TV and on the radio."

The Liverpool man found the experience of hosting his own series a little strange.

"It was a bit weird at the start but I found that you just have to be yourself. If you try to be someone else, everyone will see through it," he said.

"You just do what you do and hope people like it but if they don't, there's nothing much you can do about it. Hopefully they'll like the show," he added.

Nathan is also gearing up for a gig in the 3Arena on April 1. The Nathan Carter Show airs on Sunday at 9.30pm on RTE One.