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My brother and uncle killed in gang war

A MAN whose brother and uncle were killed in gangland shootings told gardai he keeps a baton for 'protection'.

Terry Dillon (35) said that he is living in fear because threats have also been made on his life.

His brother Andrew Dillon (28) was shot in the head and his body dumped at The Ward, north Dublin, on August 18, 2005. His uncle was also murdered in the late 1990s, a court was told.

A judge sentenced Dillon to 60 days in prison -- but suspended it for a year.

The defendant, of Berryfield Road in Finglas, admitted before Blanchardstown District Court to possession of an extendible baton.

The incident took place at Ballymun Road, Ballymun on February 19 last.

Garda Sergeant Damien Galligan said gardai stopped and searched Dillon's car and found the baton.

The court heard that the defendant has a number of previous convictions, which date back some years, but that he has none for this type of offence.

Defence lawyer, Lydia Bunni said both Dillon's brother and uncle have died as a result of gangland violence.


The court heard that Dillon's brother, Andrew (29), was killed five years ago in a gangland-style shooting. He was found dead in a ditch in Finglas, having died from multiple gun shot wounds to the head.

Ms Bunni said the defendant's uncle was also killed in the late 1990s, and both deaths were related to gangland matters.

She said the defendant has also been threatened.

Andrew Dillon was killed after a dispute with Eamon Dunne, aka The Don, gardai believe. He was shot a number of times in the head.

Dillon was shot just weeks after he returned to Dublin from England, where he had been working after leaving Finglas some time previously.