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'My best buddy has been taken from this world and from all his friends', says Oisin's dad


“He has always been an angel,” the boy's father said

“He has always been an angel,” the boy's father said

“He has always been an angel,” the boy's father said

The father of an Irish boy, who was killed in London in an apparent act of murder-suicide by his mother, has spoken about his son was his "best buddy".

Sinead Higgins (37) and her son Oisin (7) were found dead at their home in Ruislip, west London, on Wednesday morning.

Police in England have said they are satisfied that the deaths were "consistent" with murder-suicide.

Oisin's father Shane O'Driscoll, who was separated from Ms Higgins, took to social media to express his devastation at the loss.


"Thank you for all your support and messages. Words cannot express how we are feeling," Mr O'Driscoll, who is from Bray, Co Wicklow, said in a Facebook post on Friday.

"Today it became real when I had the first opportunity to hold Oisin (inset) and see his little face.

"My best buddy has been taken from this world and taken from all his little friends.

"He has always been an angel," he said.

The page was flooded with condolences of friends and family expressing their support.

It is understood that Mr O'Driscoll is also living in London.

Ms Higgins was a fully qualified nurse, and had recently retrained as a lawyer.

She was working for a medical negligence company as a legal adviser.

She had moved from her home in Westport, Co Mayo, to pursue a successful career in London more than a decade ago.

Her family in Mayo has suffered much in recent years.

One of 10 children, Ms Higgins lost her father Thomas Higgins (68) to cancer in August 2014, while her brother Cathal (19) was killed in a motorcycle crash in May, 2004.

Cathal died just months after he was the pallbearer at the funeral of local girl Aisling McGing (18), who was his date at his debs ball.

Ms Higgins was said to be depressed in the time leading up to her death.


Barbara Lonnan, a neighbour in Ruislip, said when she first arrived in the neighbourhood two years ago she was "really bubbly" but gradually she got more and more depressed.

"It was so sad to see. I told her there are people who can get you help but I don't think she ever went."

Police in London have confirmed a post-mortem examination was carried out at Uxbridge Mortuary last Friday evening.

However, the exact cause of the deaths remained inconclusive.

Further toxicology reports are expected in the hope they may indicate exactly what happened to the pair.

However, detectives also said they are not seeking anyone else in connection with the incident and that it was consistent with murder suicide.

The Samaritans can be contacted on 116123.