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'My 60th birthday's a breeze now that I have my hair back' - Marty


Marty Whelan says he’s in a good place in his life these days

Marty Whelan says he’s in a good place in his life these days

Marty Whelan says he’s in a good place in his life these days

RTE's Marty Whelan has said that he's no problem turning 60 next week as he "has his hair back".

The jovial Winning Streak presenter, who had a hair transplant two years ago, has revealed how his family has planned a big surprise for his milestone birthday, However, the modest broadcaster said that he was happy to have a low-key celebration.

"My family have a plan but I had a big 50th and I'm not this time," he said.

"I'm fine about it because my eyes work, I've got my hair back, I can see. I'm fine.

"It's a state of mind and I'm fine about it (turning 60).


"I'm lucky my children still live at home at 22 and 25 and we've a good thing going, we've fun together so I'm looking forward to it.

"I'm happy to go to the Trocadero because it's my favourite restaurant.

"It's my favourite place on earth and I'd happily just go there and have dinner."

The veteran presenter said that he's in a really good place in his life, having been lucky enough to have worked consistently for the past 40 years.

Last month saw him flying over to Sweden to commentate on the Eurovision for another year.

While he was disappointed that Nicky Byrne didn't get through to the final, the Eurovision aficionado firmly believes that Ireland could still win it again.

"Of course I do," he said. "We couldn't do it (go back) if we didn't believe that.


"So you go with that firmly in the back of your mind and go, 'We're going to be OK'. And you know what, some year it's just going to click."

He said that it's all down to "pot luck" when it comes to the international singing contest and there was clearly no magic formula.