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Muzu land deal for MSN videos

Irish music video site Muzu has signed a deal to bring 220,000 music videos to Microsoft's MSN network.

It's the company's biggest-ever syndication deal and will see its videos featured on MSN in Canada, Australia and 13 European countries.

Muzu is currently eyeing up a full expansion into the American market to compete with YouTube's partner Vevo.

"This deal with MSN puts us in a whole new stratosphere globally, given the size of MSN," Muzu chief executive Ciaran Bollard told the Herald.

"We're pretty confident that MSN US, who already have some of our content available in the US, will also feature the bigger content in the US for us as well," he added.

Muzu has access to the Warner Bros catalogue, which includes Ed Sheeran (above), Coldplay, Lily Allen and Bruno Mars, while Vevo does not.

It currently streams its catalogue of music videos on Samsung, Sony, and LG Smart TVs as well as the Microsoft Xbox.