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Music was my 'therapy' after Laura split - Danny

The Coronas frontman Danny O'Reilly has broken his silence on his split from Laura Whitmore, saying his music was his "therapy" to get over it.

The pair had been together for nearly two years and shared a pad in London before splitting up in November, 2012.

And Danny admitted that the Bray-born beauty was the inspiration for many of his songs.

While Laura flew off to the jungle to present the spin-off show for 'I'm a Celebrity…' after the split, Danny was able to concentrate on his touring with the chart-topping band to distract himself.

"When I did go through the break-up, at the time we were touring around Europe just after it happened and thank God for that," he said.

"It made it a bit easier for me that we were on tour and busy and getting that therapy every night playing music.

"Even though all the songs were about the person I just had broken up with, it was still okay. I would have moments like that where I was a bit emotional for a bit of a song. But you get on with it and, thankfully, the gig gets you through it."

He added how certain songs that were written during a good time in their relationship can bring back a rush of memories.


"Sometimes I look back at songs that were happy songs about the start of the relationship and they are bitter-sweet," he continued.

"I look at them from a different angle now. I think, 'Oh God, that was nice when I felt that way. I thought everything was so simple. But I think that's just the price you pay as a songwriter."

He added: "I'l always be totally honest with lyrics. I was never trying to write about politics or anything like that."

There was some good news for the Dublin band last week after Danny confirmed they had just signed a new record deal with U2's London record label, Island Records.

The Coronas have released three studio albums on their own independent record label 3ú Records and their fourth record will be released towards the end of the year.

"We wanted to try and take things to the next level and, fingers crossed, with the next album coming out before the end of the year we can do that," Danny said.

"[Island] are a really great label. We met them a couple of times and they seem to be into the stuff and they're signing us on the back of the new album which is good."

"They're sort of treating us as a new band over here," he added.