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Museum show for Bond babes' bikinis and gadgets

URSULA Andress's bikini from her Dr No beach scene will join three more of the most famous swimsuits from the 007 movies in an exhibition to mark 50 years of the films.

They will be displayed alongside Halle Berry's two-piece from Die Another Day and a recreation of Sir Sean Connery's shorts from Thunderball.

London's Barbican Centre has been given unprecedented access to the archive of Eon Productions for its two-month exhibition, Designing 007: Fifty Years Of Bond Style.

More than 400 Bond items will be brought together for the exhibition with weapons such as Scaramanga's golden gun, Oddjob's deadly bowler hat and Rosa Klebb's flick-knife shoes.

Vehicles and gadgets will include Bond's 1964 Aston Martin DB5 and the attache case featured in From Russia With Love. Roger Moore's white tuxedo from Octopussy and space suit from Moonraker are also to feature.