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Murky past of Aviva axemen

AVIVA chiefs flew out of Ireland just hours after telling staff they were axing 950 jobs here, it's been revealed.

The insurance giant’s axemen took a 2.30pm flight yesterday to make sure they left Dublin as fast as possible.

The murky past of Aviva’s €2.2m CEO also came to prominence today as people were left horrified at the cruel way the company slashed |its Irish operation.

Dad-of-four Andrew Moss (53) became entangled in a love triangle in 2009 which rocked the company to its core, it’s been revealed.

Cheater Moss left his wife of 25 years and four children for one of his junior employees, Deirdre Galvin (47), when she went to work for him.

Irishwoman Galvin was in turn married to Aviva's |European head of human resources Andrew Moffat.

Mr Moss yesterday broke the hearts of 950 workers when he suddenly announced he was axing half of the insurer's Irish workforce.

Staff members today woke up to the bleak reality that most of them are unlikely to gain employment in the |insurance industry in the future.

The multi-millionaire executive was allowed to keep his job and massive salary |despite the revelation of the controversial extra-marital affair.

Aviva had expressly forbidden relationships between workers who report directly to other workers, however the company found that neither Mr Moss or Ms Galvin |had broken any rules.

The company said that

although Ms Galvin had been reporting to Mr Moss during |a period on secondment to |his office, as part of his |15-strong executive team, she did not usually report directly |to him in her permanent role |of head of HR for Aviva Investors.

Following revelations of the affair, Ms Galvin resigned and was given a payoff from the company.

Aviva implemented the policy banning long-term relationships between bosses and those who report directly to them.

And despite major question marks being raised from |shareholders, Aviva's chairman Lord Sharman, defended Moss's actions when details of the affair emerged.

“Andrew has been very open with me and I am clear that there has been no breach of company rules.

“I am completely satisfied that this has in no way impacted |on his role as chief executive and he retains my full confidence.”

When quizzed over whether he should quit over the scandal, Moss remarked: “It's a private matter and as far as I'm |concerned, it doesn't impinge on the job that I do at Aviva at all.”

He added: “I'm 100pc |committed to managing the company.

“As far as I'm concerned, I have acted properly in relation to disclosing it and the way it's been managed.”

Mr Moss – who has four children with his estranged wife – has since moved in with his younger lover, leaving his wife Susan and his children at the family home in Kent.