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Murderer's dad was killed in revenge for his son's crimes

THE father of a gangland killer was shot dead in revenge for the murder his son committed, the Herald can reveal.

Yesterday Michael Taylor Jnr (31) was found guilty of the murder of Paul Kelly (26) at an apartment block in Clontarf, Dublin, when a handgun and shotgun were used to inflict catastrophic injuries.

The murder was part of a bitter criminal feud that went on to claim the life of the killer's father Michael Taylor Snr (53) who died after being shot at a caravan park in Donabate, north Dublin, in June.

A number of members of the Kelly family left the courtroom in tears yesterday after the verdict was read out, while Taylor Jnr simply shook his head.


A notorious criminal, Michael Taylor Jnr is already serving jail sentences totalling 13 years for his role in conspiring to rob a cash-in-transit van carrying €200,000 in Sandyford in August, 2007 and possession of cocaine worth €70,000 at 'a drug mixing factory' at a house in Garrettstown, Co Dublin a year earlier.

Just four months before he was busted in Sandyford, Taylor shot small-time criminal Paul Kelly as a feud over a woman spiralled out of control.

Cars and motorbikes belonging to one side were vandalised which led to Michael Taylor Jnr being stabbed while he walked in the north inner city with a small child.

Taylor received only minor injuries but less than a week later, the suspected knifeman, Paul Kelly was shot dead.

A month after the murder, a hand grenade was thrown at the home of Taylor's family in Rutland Court in Summerhill.

The grenade attack happened only a night after the two rival groups clashed in the Mater Hospital while one faction was visiting a relative.

One woman was stabbed in the hand while a man sustained head wounds in the struggle.

Michael Taylor Snr -- who was not considered a major criminal -- appeared at Dublin District Court in May 2009 in relation to the hospital brawl when he agreed to keep the peace for two years.

The dispute looked like it had calmed down until dad-of-four Michael Taylor Snr was shot in Donabate over June Bank Holiday weekend this year.

Gardai believe that Taylor was assassinated because of his involvement in the feud.

He died in Beaumont Hospital just 12 hours after being shot six times with a handgun in broad daylight at the Hands caravan park in Donabate.